Animals for Adoption

The puppies below were born Feb 28,2019. They are a Shepard mix. Should be around 35 pounds fully grown.  The mother Millie is about 1 year old and 38 pounds.




Hey, it’s me Wishbone! I am Slyder’s brother. We love each other very much and it would be fantastic if someone would adopt us as a pair. I have lots of energy and LOVE to explore, so I would really like a home with a big fenced-in backyard. I have been neutered and am up to date on all of my vaccines. Please come and check me out. I can’t wait to meet you!



Hey Everyone! I’m Slyder. I am Wishbone’s loyal sister and friend. Wishbone and I are being fostered by Mrs. Gloria. She loves us very much, but we need to find a home to call our very own. I have been spayed and am up to date on all of my vaccines. I have very good behavior and would love to have a “forever” home with lots of CUDDLES!!



Hi! My name is Skipper. I was born in Feburary, 2010.   I LOVE the pool! I also like to explore in the yard.  I am ready for my “forever” home and will be a wonderful, loving pet for my family.  I look forward to getting started on my new adventure!  I also have a pledge of $75 towards my adoption fee so come see me.



Hi you guys! I am Sonny. I can be a bit of a scaredy-cat, but I do get along with other dogs well. My dream home would be one with LOTS of room for me to roam. Thanks to PAWS IN THE PANHANDLE, I have been neutered and am up to date on all of my vaccines. Come meet me and add a little Sunshine to your life


Hey their I’m shelly AKA Legs!! I’m about 3 years old. I am a “take it slow” kind of girl.  I am currently on heartworm treatment.  But hey, don’t let that worry you, I am on medicine now and in just a couple weeks I’ll be completely healthy.


Hello I am Penelope but my friends call me P.  Everyone says I’m nothing short of a miracle. I was found running loose in a state park. I was really hungry so I was also skinny.  I was so skinny in fact that I had sores on my bottom and legs from the ground connecting directly with my bones. Those spots have since healed and I am gaining weight and regaining my girlish figure. I am a little hard of hearing. No one really knows how it happened but it doesn’t slow me down.  I love riding in cars and getting attention. The girls have cried and held me lots of times because despite my hard and scary life I am always happy and wagging my tail. I have wagged my tail so hard and so much that I broke the tip off and it was painful. But Miss. Gloria took me to the vet and after a good nap I am on the road to healing. I kind of feel like my tail is a little shorter now though. Oh Well I’ll just keep wagging, you don’t need a long tail to show how happy you are. I am still scared that one day I won’t have food. So at breakfast and dinner time I tend to get grumpy when other dogs are near my food. The best thing for me would be in a home that I am the only baby or you can separate my siblings when I eat dinner.


Hey Yall!! I’m Miley the southern belle. At 2/ 3 years old I’m in my prime. I need someone to spend time with me and teach me that it’s ok to be calm. Sometimes I get so excited that I don’t realize how strong I am. My favorite thing to do after a long hard day of playing is to become a couch potatoe with my own human.


1.5 year old stud muffin seeking family for a lifetime. My name is Marley! I love to run and play. Fetch is my game of choice. I love kisses too!!


Hey I’m Alex, I’m about 5-6 months old and all boy!!!! I am rambunctious and always looking for a good time and fun! But don’t forget I’m still just a baby so my new mom or daddy will have to keep a close on me to make sure I don’t get in trouble.


Hey there, my name is Ryder I am about 5 to 6 months old and all boy. I am rambunctious and always looking for a good time with lots of fun involved. But don’t forget that I’m still just a baby so my new mommy or daddy will have to keep a close eye on me to make sure I’m not getting into trouble.


Hey I’m Rocky,I’m about 5-6 months old and all boy!!!! I am calmer and the gentlest of my 7 other siblings. However I will happily run, play and go on adventures But don’t forget I’m still just a baby so my new mom or daddy will have to keep a close on me to make sure I don’t get in trouble.


Hello, hello, hello!!!! My name is Strawberry! I’m still a baby. Only about 5 months old. Holy smokes do I have a lot of energy!! But please don’t let my excitement scare you. I just love life.  I’m still a little girl only about 25 pounds. The girls at the sanctuary think I will grow a little more but not much. Something about my paws. But to be honest I don’t understand. My favorite thing to do is give kisses and play!!! Will you come play with me?


Ya’ll meet max! He is 10 months old, Shepard mix.  He’s house broken with a few accidents here and there. He knows sit, stay and come!!! Who needs a new bff??


Hey guys its Pepper here! I am a husky mixed that was found wondering the road just outside of town. I am still young the sanctuary thinks I am about 10 to 11 months old. So I have some maturing to do. But I love attention and playing!!


HEYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! I am Pauly and about 2 years old!! I have sooo much energy so I need someone who has a yard I can play in. I don’t like cages to much but I’m ok in an outdoor run or play yard. Its just those tiny little ones that you put in your house that scare me a little.


I am talkative so they started calling me grumbles. I am about 2 years old and a hound mix. I am a pretty chill dude. I get really excited over food but the rest of the time I am ok with just hanging out.


I’m sassy!! I can be a little sassy and a lot of fun!! Jessica calls me tiny tot a lot. I think its because of my short little legs. I am only about a year old. If you need a girl with lots of energy then I’m the girl for the job.







The below kittens will be  ready for their forever homes with a spay/neuter contract June 17.2019. The mother Abigail is 1.5 years old.


MEOW!!!!!!! I am Sir Glen. My hobbies include basking in my awesomeness!! If you would like to join me, all you have to do is adopt me. I am only a year and a half.  So, you will have plenty of time to admire my amazingness. Chao, I’ll see you soon!!!


HI I’m firecracker!!!  I am just like my name … a little firecracker!! I love to play and zoom around. I am just a kitten so what more should I do. I am about 5 months old! I can be a little shy at first but before you know it I will be your best friend.


Please allow me a moment to introduce myself. I am MR. Dudley! It’s a pleasure to meet you. I am about 2 years old. I was born with kidneys that don’t work right so I have to take medicine 2 times a day. My caretakers say that it only runs about $1 a day.  I take it real easy to, just throw a little wet kitty food in with my pill and we are golden. The girls say that I am just a goof ball. Don’t tell them but when I know they are watching me or I can get them to laugh, I put on more of a show! I love the attention from it.


Is it football season yet? My name is Clemson and I am a die hard tigers fan. I am a young cat about 2.5 years old. I really like to just lounge around and get attention. I’m not super needy like other cats I know. So I am not high maintenance.  If you need a movie and snack partner give me a call!


Meow Anne here, I am only about 6 months old. Im kind of shy at first, until I know you won’t hurt me. Once I trust you, then you’ll instantly be my new best friend….So what do you say…..wanna be my BFF??


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