Adoption Contract


Paws In The Panhandle Rescue and Adoption

Dog Adoption Contract

Indian Land, SC 29707 – (803) 371-0897

This contract is made between Paws In The Panhandle Rescue and Adoption (referred to hereafter as Paws) and   _______________________________, the adopter. By signing below, the adopter acknowledges receipt of a dog from Paws, described as ________________________________________ (color,gender,breed). In addition, the adopter acknowledges being 18 years of age or older and agrees to be bound by and to comply with the following terms and conditions.

1. I hereby acknowledge receiving the animal described above.

2. I understand the animal described above (circle one)   IS   IS NOT   sterilized and/or vaccinated for rabies at time of adoption due to age or physical condition.

3. The animal described above will reside at the address listed as the adopter’s address.

4. I understand the donation amount paid of $125.00 covers the adoption cost of food, up to date shots, deworming, veterinary care, behavior training (time permitted), and housing provided for the adopted while in our care.

5. I understand the donation amount paid of $85.00 covers sterilization.

6   If the animal described above is not yet sterilized upon adoption, I understand that I    have the right to schedule this procedure through Paws or my personal vet.

7. If I schedule sterilization through Paws within 30 days for sexually mature animals or within six months of age for non-sexually mature animals, this $85.00 sterilization fee covers the sterilization of the adopted animal when the procedure is performed.

8. If I choose to use my personal vet for sterilization, I understand that the licensed veterinary performing the procedure must provide to Paws a letter certifying the procedure within 7 days after the procedure is performed. Once the letter certifying sterilization is received, Paws will refund the $50 sterilization fee within 30 days. I further understand that sexually mature animals must be sterilized within 30 days of adoption and animals not yet sexually mature are to be sterilized within 30 days after reaching six months of age.

9. I further understand that failure to sterilize and provide proof within the time period specified above will constitute a default under this agreement and Paws shall be entitled to immediate possession of the above described animal and I, the adopter, shall forfeit all amounts paid to Paws including any other expenses incurred as well as an imposed fine of $200 as stated by SC law.

10. I agree to license the animal in compliance with the laws and ordinances in force in the municipality in which I reside.

11. Paws is released from all liability once the animal leaves with me, the adopter.


1. Health reasons – A licensed veterinarian must examine the animal within three (3) business days of adoption. To receive a refund, a copy of the veterinarians report must accompany the written request for a refund or exchange and must indicate the animal was ill at the time of adoption or injured previous to adoption, or has other physical problems that make the animal unsuitable as a pet. Paws will not be responsible for any veterinary fees associated with an examination of your animal.

2. Compatibility – Please give your animal a chance. You should allow 90 days to be fair, however, if you determine that the animal is not compatible with your current pet(s), your immediate family members, or your housing conditions, you must request a refund or exchange in writing within seven (7) business days of the date the animal is adopted. The animal must be eligible for adoption and in good health to make this exchange.


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