Our Mission is clear

 Rescue adoptable animals scheduled to die…..animals that have found themselves in high kill shelters.   Perhaps they were abandoned, lost, or picked up by shelter personnel for various reasons such as abuse, being homeless or dropped off on the side of some cold dark road.

Some animals are surrendered to animal control by their owners because they are no longer cute or small.   They’re surrendered because they exhibit unwanted behaviors often simply because they did not get enough exercise and love.   Some are simply surrendered because their family can no longer afford them, pay for expensive medical needs, or can’t take the animal with them because they are forced to move.

What do these animals all have in common?    They all just want to be loved and have a place to call their “forever” home.   They want to be a companion, they want to be loyal, and they want to love unconditionally.   A majority of these animals have done nothing wrong.   They were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the minutes are ticking away until they will no longer have a life, unless someone rescues them.

We are committed to give as many dogs and cats as possible, a second chance;  a chance to know love, to belong, and most importantly, to live.   Won’t you help us give them that second chance?   Join our family!!

Our Mission Statement

We are committed to the rescue and adoption of animals from shelters, thereby reducing the euthanasia of adoptable pets within our community. Using community resources, we will provide and support an adoptive friendly no-kill shelter for these rescued animals while they wait on their “forever” homes.