Volunteer Info


  • Volunteer Coordinator to coordinate events, adoption drives, and various other projects.
    Adoption Drive Coordinator to schedule drives and facilitate the particulars for each drive.
    . Volunteers in general to walk dogs, help socialize dogs and cats, participate in adoption drives or other events, help at thrift shop or Sanctuary.
    . Marketing experience to create flyers for our events.
  • Fund-Raising Coordinator: someone to head-up planning and running fundraisers for the rescue.
  • Grant/research Writer.
  • More foster homes: the more foster homes we have, the more animals we save – CATS AND DOGS!
  • Website Administrator to continue developing and maintaining our current Paws in the Panhandle website.
  • PAWSitively Thrift Shop – Looking for volunteers to help staff the shop. We have two 3 hour shifts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10 to 1 and another from 1 to 4. Sunday shift is only 1 to 4. We also need volunteers to help on Wednesday workday from 10:30 to 12:30. We price, clean, decorate and prepare for the upcoming week.
    We need someone willing to come in to test electronics or take electronics home to test and help price.
    We need help with pick-up of donated items such as furniture or neighborhood yard sales. We can provide the trailer. These can be scheduled and can happen no more than once or twice a month.
  • . PetCo cat habitat volunteers. We need someone to stop in around 6pm to 9pm every evening to feed, water and check the habitats for cleanliness.
  • Craig’s list volunteer willing to take pictures and post on Craig’s List or other social media sites
    Vintage Book Expert.

    Thank you to all who do so much…no amount of your time or contribution is too small…it all helps so very much.
    If you can help, please call Suzanne: (803) 431-4075 (feel free to leave message if no answer) or e-mail pawsintheph@yahoo.com.


If  you can’t adopt – FOSTER.

If you can’t foster – SPONSOR.

If you can’t sponsor – VOLUNTEER.

If you can’t volunteer – DONATE.

If you can’t donate – EDUCATE, NETWORK  AND CROSSPOST.